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Sex advice: Lesbian couple's children will turn out just fine

Dear Isadora: I am a straight male. My sister is a lesbian and married her longtime girlfriend in New York. She told our family that they intend to have a child as soon as possible. I'm not sure which one of them will bear the child. We didn't ask for details. My question is, can a child be healthy brought up in such a family?

Answer: Any child of two women has the same chances of physical and emotional health as any other child. Several studies have shown that children of gay and lesbian parents are well-adjusted and developmentally similar to children of heterosexual parents.

Dear Isadora: Since my wife and I do not have sex of any kind, I have been using Internet sites to aid in self-satisfaction. Now I'm afraid I have become addicted to porn. I am 53. How can I stop?

Answer: There is nothing wrong with self-satisfaction when there is no partnered sex, or even when there is. When what you are doing feels wrong or beyond your control then it becomes problematic, a compulsion rather than an addiction.

You can change your habits by substituting something else when you are so inclined, like a walk or exercising. If you feel you can not help yourself, a psychotherapist can be excellent support in changing your habits