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My best friend and I get along really well and we often use actions that, if people were watching, would seem like we are dating. We hug for long periods of time, stand very close together, etc. In private, or in front of our friends sometimes my friend T will usually stroke a part of my body or sling her leg to rest on mine when we¡¯re laying down.

Recently, despite trying to tell myself I couldn¡¯t possibly love my best friend, I was finally told by another friend that it was obvious I love T. T and I had about 2 sexual encounters(All initiated by me but she didn¡¯t deny me) the weeks leading up to my finally confessing to her. She didn¡¯t mind but straight off told me she didn¡¯t want to date because it could ruin our relationship. But she wasn¡¯t opposed to the idea and actually considered it because she said she does love me too.

Soon after that, she had a fight with her ex-bf who both seemed to act like they were still dating. She then told me that she needed to work things out with her ex first. The night they talked about their situation they had sex (her first time). They still played around a bit despite being broken up for a year.

She then told me that she thinks she is straight because she likes how the penis feels but she still likes boobs. So now I¡¯m confused.

She loves me but won¡¯t date me. We act even more so like we¡¯re dating because of my confession, and yet she still says no. I think it¡¯s due to me not being able to give her sexual satisfaction like a male, but I give her emotional satisfaction.

What should I do with this situation. I still love her and want to date her.